Projector & Sound Machine
Sycees Night Light Projector & Bluetooth Sound Machine
Audio-Visual Sleep Soother - Aurora Borealis Projector, Colorful LED Night Light, Nature Sound Machine and Bluetooth Speaker. You can choose to play amazing light shows and soothing sounds together or separately to soothe your kids to a peaceful sleep

Projector Night Light - Projects realistic aurora borealis and nebular light on ceilings or walls. Creates an enjoyable and relaxing bedtime atmosphere. Soothes and comforts your kids to sleep. Plus doubles as a nightlight for kids who are scared of the dark

Non-looping Sound Machine - 6 soothing nature sounds (White Noise, Ocean, Summer Night, Thunder, Brook and Rain) are effective at blocking unwanted noise. Keep your kids calm during night-time or nap-time. Help your kids fall asleep peacefully

Bluetooth Speaker - Built-in high quality speakers, you can play favorite streaming music, melodies, lullabies, bedtime stories from any Bluetooth compatible smart phones or tablets, giving you an array of options for your baby

Remote for Customized Options - You can make adjustments via the remote control up to 10 feet away: 1, 2 and 4 hours auto-off timers or continuous play; 30-levels volume control; 3-levels brightness; 7 lighting modes and more options
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